Procedures During Your Visit

1. Main Reception


If you have a referral letter

Procedures for your consultation will be given priority.

New Patients

First consultation at the hospital or a different department

Please fill out the medical examination application form.

Follow-up Visit Reception Machine

Follow-up consultations

Please have your consultation card (shinsatsu card) ready.

2. Outpatients Reception

Please show your reception voucher and insurance card at the department reception.

When your reception number is near, it will be displayed on the screen.

3. Examination

You will be called to the examination room in order of reception number (uketsuke bango).

4. Accounts

Please pay at a payment machine or the Accounts counter.

5. Medications

Hospital Pharmacy

Please present your medication voucher.

External Pharmacy

Please take your external pharmacy prescription to an insurance pharmacy of your choice.